Here are some questions I hear regularly, if you have other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Where is your office?

Currently, I am only seeing patients via Maven, a Telehealth site. I am unable to see patients full time due to my non-profit work. In the future I hope to have a blend of clinical practice and racial justice, health equity practice.

How did you get into consulting work?

Through some opportunities offered to me through my non-profit work in the past, I was able to engage in trainings and facilitation for team members, community members and for organizations and institutions. I have had facilitation training through a national organization. Most importantly I have learned and developed as a facilitator through community led frameworks that allow for both learning and teaching, challenging hierarchy and top down practices, and center solutions that are collaborative and driven by those most impacted by disparities.

What information will you ask if I call and inquire about your availability for consultation?

I want to make sure that potential clients get what they need. I will likely ask you to describe your needs, and to share a little bit about why you are interested in hiring a consultant. I will want to know what your expectations of the project or facilitation or training are, and then tell you a bit about the approach I would take. If you or your organization is interested in work that is focused on equity, I will want to know what that means to you and how you see the role of racial justice in your equity practice. I never expect people to be in a particular place in their journey towards racial justice, I do expect people to be open and transparent, if they want to collaborate.